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In Memory of Dudley


fbrnOn July 20, 2009 we lost our beloved Dudley. When Dudley, "The Dudster," first came to us he had not had the opportunity to become a member of a true family. As hours would pass--14, 15, 16--he would sit in his crate most likely gnawing on a bone until his teeth were just nubs. When Dudley came to our house, he made it quite clear that he was starting a new life and wasn't going back to that crate. That was when we all knew he was going to rule the roost. The funny part is the two Great Danes didn't mind, the Bulldog didn't mind, the Pit Bulls didn't mind, and not even the cat. He would survey the house with his tongue hanging low and barely able to hear a peep, but he was 100% confident in himself and sure of his role as our protector. The other side of Dudley was a warm, sweet, and loyal companion. He adored the kids and my husband. Dudley and I formed a close bond right from the start. He was my shadow and I took him everywhere. Car rides were definitely his favorite times and he would travel for hours. We are so grateful that we had given Dudley the life he deserved, and in return he gave us his heart. We will never forget our Dudster and know he is an angel watching from above. Mom Beth and the Addison Family