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In Memory of Bocci 

bocciHere is a picture of our Bocci about two years after we had received her into our home from FBRN. Our old Great Dane Conquistador had died at age 11. Bocci and he had been such good playmates, so we decided to buy her another playmate, a little puppy Great Dane as a companion. Our New puppy Dane is Named Sir Galahad, and Bocci would entertain him for hours on end, as she did with us. We are so heartbroken. This has left such a big whole in our hearts. We miss Bocci's purposeful life of loving everyone and keeping an eye on us. She was such a little busy body always on the go. We gave her a theme song. Do you know the song 'American in Paris?' That was Bocci's theme, as she would run too and fro getting into everybody's business in the household.