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In Memory of Desdemona

fbrnIt is always painful to lose a foster, and from the day that we made our decision to let Desdemona go, the void in the house and our hearts has made it difficult to share her passing. Desdemona came into our home when her dad was terminally ill with cancer, so she had not been receiving proper care. She was emaciated, dehydrated, and had horrible diarrhea. During the first months she was with us, she made good improvements by gaining three pounds, and she had normal bowel movements for one month. She was the "hall monitor," always letting my guys know when the playtime was just a little too much in the house. Desdemona was always by my side, and we were all so hopeful that we would see her live to be sixteen. But things changed suddenly, and the diarrhea came back. FBRN did everything possible for her by running all kinds of diagnostic tests, and one of the tests came back showing that she had a tumor. We tried medicines, holistic remedies, and anti-diarrhea paste, but nothing helped, and the diarrhea worsened. Desdemona lost all the weight she had gained and would stand in a daze.

fbrnMy husband was very helpful in caring for Desdemona. I would be up during the night cleaning the diarrhea, and he would come down early in the morning and clean up more, including bathing Desdemona and holding her on his lap in the towel so I could sleep in.

The owner's daughter has stayed in touch with me, and her mom sent a photograph of her late husband holding Desdemona when she was healthy. Other than being given the opportunity by Desdemona's family to care for her in her last months, the best gift was the photograph of her dad holding her; I know she is with him again.