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In Memory of Hilda 

hildaIt is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that Hilda’s Parade of Hats has come to an abrupt end.

On Tuesday evening she was panting and restless. No better on Wednesday morning, and I took her to emergency and they thought it was a pulled muscle and gave her pain medication. By 7:30 that evening she was losing control of her back legs. Back to emergency and it was decided that she needed a neurologist and we drove to UC Davis arriving at 2:30am. She was immediately scheduled for an MRI and Spinal Tap. Best prognosis compressed discs which would be operable. Not the case.

The Spinal Tap and Ultrasound revealed she was bleeding from 3 places in her spine and would never regain feeling in her legs.

The Surgeon, Dr. King said that she was the 4th Frenchie with this condition and no explanation. While the loss is devastating, I am grateful her suffering was not prolonged. She was the most unique dog we have ever had and never had a short walk. Too many admirers! Everyone that knew her loved her and there was no shortage of Godmothers & fathers.

With Love,
Patti & Laurance