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In Memory of Luca 

Some of you will remember the 10.5 year old dog coming out of Miami who had to be tested for heartworm before we could take him in. That dog was Luca. Once he tested negative, our FBRN forces rallied to not only take this old dog in but transport him north to us near St. Petersburg.

Luca was a mess. He was plain filthy and reeked of poo. OK, not so bad, we could fix that, but the trouble was much deeper. Luca was going down in the rear.

Luca was also unhappy. We bathed him whilst dodging his growling, snapping attacks. We marveled sadly at the puddle of brown mud that formed around him in our pool. We dried him, inspected him and and tended to his wounds & scrapes. I forgave him when he bit me...

We watched Luca and cared for him for two more days. During those days, he never walked again - all he could do was drag his limp hind legs behind him. I looked into his eyes to see the powerful, playful, handsome guy he must have been once, but he was gone. I like to think this picture is close.

Luca was humanely euthanized and now rests in peace forever in our backyard beside our two girls, Maxine and Cosette.

Run free, Luca, your memory is safe with us, 
Amy Griswold & Greg Gabert