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In Memory of Ollie

I remember the day I met Ollie like it was yesterday. He came in, greeted myself and his future fur sister, Scarlett and that was it…he’d won us over. We called him Oliver most of the time, Ollie for short. He always kept Scarlett on her toes, running back and forth to the toy box until he got her favorite of the moment toy to engage her in a game of tug or chase. Ollie was honestly one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known, and he generously loved everyone he met. The sudden loss of him is something I don’t know if I’ll ever completely get over. I still hear him snoring at night and barking at passers by from his comfy place on the couch. I miss waking up in the morning only to see his face just inches from mine, eyes wide open and ready to play. I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been chosen as his mom even though our time together was much too short. Scarlett and I will deeply miss and always remember that sweet precious boy that captured our hearts.