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In Memory of Sweet Bessie Brown

Sweet Bessie BrownBridgecreeks Sweet Bessie Brown became a part of my home on July 1, 2004. She was six years old at the time (born October 18, 1998) and was the sweetest, most wonderful little bulldog I have ever known! She was never mean-spirited; never tore anything up, although she enjoyed her toys throughout her stay. She and Kachoo (my pug) got along very well and never fought over food, toys, space, or anything else! She loved car rides to anywhere and walks and curling up on the couch next to me in the evening and snoring up a storm after receiving the customary pats and ear-rubs she desired and deserved.

As she got older, she lost an eye to glaucoma and her hips got bad and she had more trouble moving around. She would still try to make it to the dog door to go outside (I got her a ramp so she could get up and down the stairs) and was still as sweet as the first day she arrived, and in spite of her old age frailties her spirit never dampened nor did her mood sour--she still loved everyone and never complained. Eventually I had to carry her outside in the mornings and at night before bed because she was usually too tired or groggy to make it out herself. On August 2, 2010, I had to let her go after she suffered heatstroke in the backyard while I was at work. I miss my sausage-y little bulldog and will always remember her with love.
Byron Henderson