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In Memory of Puddin

fbrnEarly this morning Puddin left this world. She had been with me since she was 5 weeks old. She was always the sweetest girl, helpng me raise many Frenchie babies as well as helping with the multitude of foster dogs that streamed through our life.

All of her life, Puddin dealt with sudden "spells" where she was not able to walk. Sometimes it would only be for a few hours, sometimes for days. Many times I feared that it would be the end for her, but she would pull out of it. I have never seen anyone that had a stronger will to live than Puddin. She has shown me that when life looks like a dead end, if you have the will, you can turn it around.

I have been privileged to have shared 14 years of my life with this wonderful being. She has truly taught me so much; she has always been there to silently comfort me when I was down, and join in on the good times.

I am profoundly sad this morning for myself, but am rejoicing that she is free of the physical issues that plagued her body. I know she is running free right now with Olivia, who left two years ago this month. Godspeed my friend, I miss you so much.