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In Memory of Spartacus

I buried Spartacus Saturday morning at 8:00 by the three birch trees he loved so much.

I laid him in his day bed and buried him with his yellow dog bone and water bowl

And said:

I am shattered.

You were more than anyone had any right to expect.

You made me smile and laugh.

I loved everything about you.

I loved your patented Spartacus happy dance when I came home.

I loved the way you broke loose from your pen when 10 weeks old and I woke to see you sitting by my bed looking up at me in that cute way that you do.

I loved your grunts and snorts.

I loved the way you patiently sat next to me when I was on the john.

I loved the way you always wanted to take a nap with me.
Demanded belly rubs.

Sat on strangers laps.

Lay across my lap when watching TV.

I will miss you waiting for me when I return from bike rides.

Licking my fingers when I stick them through the locked kitchen door when I come home.

I loved the way you laid on your back with your legs in the air and wiggled your body.

The way you stole items from employees at the office.

The way you ran around and under all the living furniture.

It was so important to me that you were happy.

Please tell me that you were.

I miss you terribly.

There will never be another Spartacus.
Farewell my buddy, my little man, my dog, MY SPARTACUS.

Beau Your Alpha