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In Memory of Clarke


 It is with the deepest heart to inform FBRN about one of our own rescue about 16 years ago.  FBRN in the mid-Atlantic area acquired 16 Frenchies all at once.  I helped with two of them.  I was allowed to adopt Clarke. He was just the best and so happy to have a home. He arrived skin and bones and with mange.  We all spent months with Vets trying to find a cure for the hair loss.  All the Frenchies had a level of mange.

Clarke was a good ole boy and a big babe.  He loved all his new friends as I have fostered others that would stay with us for  months before getting adopted themselves.  He was the best role model for the other Frenchie fosters.  He was one of the lucky ones with a very pampered life.  He will be missed for the rest of my life.
Michael Baker