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In Memory of Dexter


We adopted Dexter from FBRN in 2011, and before he passed in 2016 of cutaneous lymphoma, he gave us a lifetime of love and memories to cherish.  Our little “Mr. Beefy” was the life of the party and made everyone smile no matter where we went.  He loved to sit in his stroller and take in the sights and sounds of new places and greet new friends.  It was so funny to see him boss around his Pit Bull brother and German Shepherd sister- they obeyed him and would step aside when he walked passed!  So much personality and spunk was packed into that cute little body.  I can’t tell you how much I miss those snorts and sneezes and sloppy kisses.  I miss how you’d wave and roll over for treats or jump 3 feet in the air trying to steal a kiss.  Dexter, you will always be my little ray of sunshine and I love you so much.  Dawn Theiss