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Date posted: 2/15/21
Location: NJ

Zekel is making sure everyone knows about his arrival to FBRN! This handsome brindle boy is not afraid to let his voice be heard and he’s happy to say hello with a sweet high-pitched song.

Zekel was sadly surrendered to FBRN when his previous family realized they couldn’t manage his ongoing health issues. Like many Frenchies, sweet Zekel has some pesky allergies. Thankfully, there are many ways to alleviate allergies these days and we’re sure to have his allergies under control in no time! Zeke also has dry eye syndrome and recently had surgery to remove stones from his bladder. He seems to be otherwise healthy and we’ll have more to report after his initial veterinary exam.

Zekel is settling into foster care quite well. He’s already let everyone know that he is NOT a fan of being alone. Zekel just wants to be where all the action is and he loves to be the center of attention. He is very friendly and wants to say hello to anyone and everyone he meets. He will play with whoever is willing! Zekel is not shy and will tell you when he's hungry, bored, annoyed, or angry! If he’s angry, he can be quite loud. Eventually his poor vocal cords need a break to recuperate, but Zeke wants everyone to know that he will not be silenced into submission!

Zekel is the sweetest 1-year-old pup ever and he'll for sure melt anyone's heart! Unfortunately, he arrived with not a single treat in his treat jar. If you’d like to sponsor sweet Zekel, just click on the banner above. We’re certain that he’d appreciate a new toy or a few treats since he’s been such a good boy!



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From your mom and dad who love you very much and miss you TONS! We're so thankful for FBRN for taking great care of you. You'll be healthy in no time, love you Zeke!

Zekel, we hope you will find the best forever home. In memory of our puggle Cookie. Anna and Sebastian Zawadzki.


Get better Zeke! I’m gonna miss seeing you around the restaurant sniffing for pizza! Feel better homie! Love Oliver The Frenchie

Heather Winters