2019 In Honor of and General Donations

Happy New Year, Frenchies! Love

We look forward to supporting more in 2020!!

This donation is made in memory of Bonnie Kilburn.

From Miso!

In memory of Herman Caudle, on behalf of Sheri and Jeff Caudle.

In thanks to Molly Rodrigano and her son for being awesome!

In memory of our nephew Yoshi Theodore Teagan. With love


In memory of Lucy. Forever in my heart.

This donation is made in loving memory of Ringo Staffeld and in honor of his amazing mom, Erin Staffeld. Merry Christmas Erin! Love

In Loving Memory of Our Soulmate FBRN Rescue Lolo Poschmann, Craig Poschmann From

2019 Annual Donation. Keep helping those beautiful pups.

In memory of Francine on her 13th birthday

Creative Dexterity’s FBRN 12 Days of Frenchies Howliday Fundraiser on December 6th (30%) in honor of my muse (Bonjour) Nino. Happy New Year! – Lauren & Nino (where ever he is in the frenchie universe)

A small expression of my enormous appreciation of FBRN volunteer Ashley Mucha for her invaluable advice and support when I was in over my head with a heffalump of a foster Frenchie (with fear aggression)from a *different* rescue organization that didn’t support me at all. Thank you FBRN for your great work.

FBRN – thank you for the work that you do. I make this donation on behalf of the two loves of my life, my rescue frenchies, Toostie & Saxby.

We are donating in memory of Porsche (formerly Portia) who was adopted from you in December of 2010. Sadly she passed away this year after being diagnosed with advanced Lymphoma. She is dearly missed. Thank you for rescuing these incredible dogs.

In honor of Nikita Ikram.

This donation is in honor of Nikita!

In memoriam: Our dear Angie’s Blackjack, you are in our hearts forever. All our love

For all the Frenchies in need. Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who make FBRN great!

Use as you need it to save frenchies.

This is for the 12 Days of Frenchies extravaganza from Henry & Penny Treats!

On behalf of my brother’s babies, Grizz and Giggles, so that other Frenchies may find a wonderful home like they have.

Honoring a sweet dog named Pearl.

In memory of Gracie. Prayers for the new foster amputee. Poor little baby.

In honor of The Sherman’s

In honor of Sara Stanger.

In honor of Pumpkinpig’s 12th birthday (17 December).

In honor of Frankie the Frenchie! We love you Frankie! Merry Christmas Katie and Jeff!

In memory of Lulu Horn Cargile. Thank you FBRN for entrusting us with her care for 11 long years. We loved our Lu.

In memory of Roxie, Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie on Christmas.

This donation is in memory of our friend Nino. Run free at the bridge, Dude. Always

In memory of Nino. We love you buddy.

In loving memory of grad Nino. Love grad Max and his mom Deb.

We are donating this money in memory of Nino. 🙂

In honor of Nan the Ham.

In memory of Lola Puente . . . a very special frenchie.

Gift is in celebration of the marriage of Wayne Pauley and Susan Morgan!

In loving memory of Cookiepig. (30 June 2003 – 04 November 2015).

In loving memory of Oatmealpig (31 Oct 2001 -29 May 2012).

In memory of Dolly, William French loyal companion and great friend to

In support of Giving Tuesday from FBRN Grad Rosie Best

In memory of Roxie, Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie on Thanksgiving.

#FrenchieGivesBack December Charity of the Month! Thanks for everything you guys do! SO excited to work with you this month!

On behalf of our beloved Olaf. We thank you so much for all you do for French Bulldogs and want to have Olaf be a forever member of the community and memories.

This donation is made in loving memory of Eleanor (FBRN 2017 grad Aquitaine) and her beloved fur brother, Kip. They were loves of their furever mama’s life and she misses them deeply. Until they meet again, I know that Eleanor and Kip are just out of Sandy’s eyesight, always there for her when she needs them. May this donation bring some supplies and comfort to a smooshy pup in FBRN’s care. xoxo.

Instead of Christmas presents my husband and I decided to donate to causes which are dear to our heart this year. French Bulldog Rescue Network is one of them. Thank you for your amazing work! You do make such a difference in the lives of those adorable creatures who need help. We make this donation in the name of our beloved late french bulldog Rufus and his very much alive sister Lillyfred. Best regards

In honor of Carmichael turning 11, he has brought so much joy and lightness into our life since adopting him 7! years ago from FBRN. You guys are the best!

This donation is in Memory of William French. 

In memory of Bella Rose.

In memory of FBRN grad “Weeble” (Beauregard) who moved to Washington, DC to live with his adopted parents, who loved him very much

This donation is in memory of Matthew Lautar and his best friend Rabbit killed in a car accident in Oct. 2019.

For the Frenchies from ZOOMIN Truman!

In honor of Caroline Gundeck in celebrating her birthday and special love for French Bulldogs!

We celebrate Caroline Gundeck’s birthday with this gift to the FBRN. Caroline loves all animals but holds a special place in her heart for Frenchies!

Happy birthday to our two favorite bulldogs, Pierre and Bentley! From

Money raised at Barrel Dogs event on Saturday 2019-10-19.

Donation in honor of beloved Frenchie Lola #lovelikelola

In loving memory of Finn (FBRN name – Mr Pink) – loved and missed by – Kristin Ralph Hugs from

In memory of Finn, (formerly FBRN grad Mr. Pink), the most beautiful and brave boy!! We love and miss you!!

In Memory of Wendy Ann Geiselhart.

In honor of Tyler’s birthday and in memory of his heart dog Henry.

See you at Frenchie Apple Picking!

New England French Bulldog Apple Picking Fundraiser.

Frenchie Apple Picking Event in Bolton.

Donations received from our New England French Bulldog meetup group’s apple picking adventure on 10/13/19!

My son, Evan Escajeda, asked for donations to the FBRN instead of gifts at his 13th Birthday party.

Memory of Spicy.

New England French Bulldog Meet-Up group, in memory of my brother James.

Donation from Bad Tags for the FBRN specialty tags (26 total) sold in their Etsy shop from Jan-Sept. 2019.

In Memory of MACaroon.

Scentsy Fundraiser. Thank you for all you do!

In honor of Jane Reagen’s birthday.


In honor of my Frenchie, Bruno. All fur babies should be loved as much as he is. Thank you for the great work you do!

Saw the IG post by @boomerandbrinkley and wanted to help.

In honor of my favorite blue pig’s 7th birthday (14 August 2019). She woke up with a cake hangover.

Keep up the good work!

For the 5 seniors. In memory of FBRN grad Hubba Bubba.

The Milwaukee Bastille Days Krewe gave out a lot of kisses! For the 5FBRNSENIORS.

For all the wonderful seniors coming your way.

From volunteer Hanna Baskerville and family, including the Hounds of the Baskervilles. Please put this toward the intake of the five seniors.

My first frenchie and love of my life Casey was born 11/2003 and passed away in my arms on 6/4/2017. I miss her so much!

In honor of FBRN Grad Rosie (’14 Miriam Rose) Best’s 12th Birthday on July 31st. A sweet soul that is adored and loved by her

In memory of my Princess Carmel Latte on her first birthday in heaven. I miss you every second of every day Snugglebunny. Mommy always loves you Princess, always and forever. Happy Birthday.

In honor of Edward of Two French Bulldogs.

In honor of Two French Bulldogs.

In honor of Edward and Lily.

Donating in honor of Eddie Spaghetti in Irvine, CA.

In honor of Frenchie Bulldog fan, Meredith Dulaski Scheopner. Happy Birthday.

In Honor of the Wedding of: Brooke Perlman and Matthew Schrager.

In memory of Henry (1/13/2015-7/20/2019), loved and cherished by the Petko family

In honor of Daisy’s birthday 14 July 2013.

In memory of my 1st Frenchie Roxiepig (17 July 2003 – 16 June 2017)

In honor of Valentine, adopted from FBRN. Sweet girl passed away August 20, 2018.

In honor of Zelda Markowitz. Fur mom: Lucy Markowitz With love:

In memory of our co-worker’s mother, Concetta Scullin.

In memory of Concetta Scullin.

In Honor and Memory of Concetta Scullin.

In memory of Connie Scullin The Scullin Group.

In honor of Connie Scullin.

Dear Connie, You are missed and you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Say “hello” to Buddy for us! Love

In memory of Big Roxiepig (17 July 2003 – 16 June 2017)

In memory Raisinpig the best snuggler ever.. (7 June 2002 – 6 Feb 2011)

In memory of Cookiepig on her birthday (30 June 2003 – 04 November 2015)

In memory of Sara Krol. In sympathy with Garrett Cook.

In memory of Sara Krol.

In Memory of Sara Krol, Garrett Cook’s girlfriend. From

In memory of Sara Krol.

In memory of Sara Krol.

In memory of Sara Krol.

On behalf of : Thomas Joseph Burns and his betrothed, Robin Karol Marion Kimbrell.

In loving memory of Stripey Raisinpig (7 June 2002 – 6 Feb 2011)

n Memory of Concetta Scullin may you rest in peace.

Happy #nationalflappyjowlday to Bucky the Frenchie.

I am an FBRN volunteer and I was in my vet office where a lady who heard what we do gave me $47 to donate.

In honor of bucky the frenchy’s national flappy jowl day.

In honor of National Flappy Jowl Day!

National Floppy Jowl Day – Bucky.

Happy #NationalFlappyJowl Day FBRN! Dance Bucky dance!

In honor of @buckythefrenchy.

This donation is in memory of the fiercely loving Zsa Zsa, who was dearly loved by all who came into contact with her, most of all, her parents Mike and Christine, and her siblings, Luc and Emmy. She will be missed, but never forgotten! love

In Memory of Starsky Burford (adopted 2011)
Starsky, you commanded every room you entered and earned the title of The General. We salute your incredible character and the way you warmed hearts and laps equally. It was our honor to be your pet sitters, and we will cherish the joy you brought into our lives. You will be missed dearly by so many, but none more than your mom Janise, dad Waldo, and brother Hutch. With love

Our special little guy Dobby has crossed over the rainbow bridge. We would like to thank FBRN for the privilege of taking care of this wonderful little guy for the past 5 plus years, he touched us deeply and we will carry him in our hearts till we reunite with him. From the moment we saw his picture on the available page till the second he closed his eyes forever, we cherished him. Love always…

In memory of Porsche.. she came to my sister’s family in 2010 when she was 2.5 years old. She had several litters in a concrete kennel, but came to know fuzzy plush blankets, stylish coats, toys and most importantly love. Our little niece was spunky and feisty, but also so sweet and sensitive. We will miss all the personality packed into that tiny pup. We will never forget Miss P. Lots of love. Angus waits for you on the other side.

In memory of my best friend Oatmealpig (31 Oct 01 – 29 May 12). She has been gone 7 yrs today.

In memory of Bobbin, the best boy ever. Our hearts are broken that we didn’t have more time together. Nobody was more loved than you.

I know it’s not much, but it is sent with love and good wishes. In memory of my sweet little boy, Ruckus, who left me last week, and who also had terrible allergies!

Can’t make the Saturday Social. Tilly wants to give a little something anyway. Hope everyone has a good time. Hope the weather holds up.

In memory of my brother , Roy Marley.

This is the fundraiser money from the New England Frenchie Social that was held in CT on 5/11/19.

Paws in the Park 2019

Donation in Honor of Captain Ma-Wysaske.

For the Turkey 4.

In honor of Tater Dickens.

For the 4 sweet babies from Turkey. Thank you for all you do.

In loving memory of the Roloff fur babies.

Scentsy Fundraiser – In Memory of Daisy.

In memory of Doreen Plaisance.

In memory of Libby-Lou. She made the world a better place with her love and her lunatic smile.

Donation of proceeds from FBRN/Lil’ Archie’s online promotion

In honor of Honey Badger and Ali.

In honor of Norman and Lisa Poggiali on her birthday.

In memory of Oliver.

Thanks for everything you all do!!

For Ronin! So thankful that the universe connected us.

Love your work guys. Thank you in the name of all Franchies in need out there.

In honor and memory of Louis Sheehan.

In honor of Louis Sheehan.

A little gift for my favorite pups.

Donation made on behalf of Anita Tedesco and her two French Bulldogs, Bane and Cooper.

‘Though his life was short…it was perfect.’ Harvey, you will be missed. Sending all our love and doggy kisses to you, Jack and Ian. Love.

This is the result of the Barrel Dogs 25% of all sales promotion! Thanks for all the great work you do! We love being able to support your efforts!

Lots of hugs and kisses from a frenchie named Lotus Lu

A little gift for my favorite pups.

Happy Birthday Debbi and thanks for sharing your love of reading and love of Frenchies with me 🙂

In memory of AdoreabullApollo who crossed the rainbow bridge this week.

In loving memory of Louis Valladares.

Love all of them.

Donation is from So:Me Plush by the Chii Company from the 12 days of Christmas event.

This is for 12 days of frenchies + donation from reindeer romp.

In loving memory of Buster Schwimmer. On behalf of Benji Schwimmer.

To Livvy, Nessie, & Maggie: I loved both of you as if you were my own & will miss you both. Maggie, I wish I would’ve known you. To Pete & Guelay: I am so sorry for your loss. I wish there was more I could do to ease your pain. I love you dearly.

In loving memory of our beautiful Stella Belle, who stole our hearts from the moment we first saw her and filled our house with snorts, laughter and love.

This donation is in loving memory of Maeby, who passed Christmas Day 2018 and is already so missed by her parents, Leigh and Ryan; her feline siblings, Ben and Dexter; and all of their friends. SSDGM on the other side, sweet girl <3

In loving memory of Maeby, who, after battling cancer three times, crossed the rainbow bridge on Christmas morning 2018. Her parents, Leigh and Ryan, gave her a wonderful life filled with love and adventure. Maeby loved going to work with her mom and dad, playing with her friends, stealing the attention of everyone in the room (and the food of her feline siblings, Ben & Dexter), and being held like the precious baby that she was. This little Princess of Brooklyn was loved by so many. We will all miss her so very very much.

For my grand dog Rocky …. May he Rest In Peace and know he was loved .

In loving memory of our beautiful Stella Belle, who stole our hearts from the moment we first saw her and filled our house with snorts, laughter and love.