2020 In Honor of and General Donations

In honor of Murphy, loved forever

In loving memory of Murphy Click.

On Honor of Murphy.

In memory of Murphy.

This donation is in memory of the legend Murphy O’Howleran Click and in honor of his family, Merl, Rachel, and Valentina Click.

In loving memory of Murphy.

This donation is in loving memory of the community’s beloved, Murphy.

In honor of Murphy Click #moniesformurph Love

Miss you Murphy Love

Money for Murphy.

In honor of Murphy.

In loving memory of Murphy (@murphyownsus)

Rest In Peace sweet Murphy! We will miss seeing your sweet face on social media. We will be thinking of your parents as they grieve the loss of their baby boy.

In memory of my very best friend, Murphy.

In loving memory of MURPHY, who brought us a ton of smiles over the years. With love..

In memory of Murphy (@murphyownsus), a small boy with a mighty personality. We will miss your sweet face.

#moniesformurph Miss u Murphy . . . we love u Luv ur fren, havoc the rescue

MoniesforMurphy In memory of frenchie Murphy

In memory of Murphy. #moniesformurph

For Murphy!

A little something in memory of our favorite little chicken nugget Murphy. Miss you buddy. Thank you for all you’ve done for Frenchies everywhere! #MoniesForMurph.

In loving memory of Murphy O’Howleran Click.

In honor of FBRN volunteer Murphy #moniesformurph.

#moniesformurph Such a sweet sweet boy! Ive followed your rescue for years and love seeing all the happiness you all bring to these frenchie babies. Thank you for all you do and in honor of Murphy.

In memory for Ernie Sastrawidjaja and Murphy O’Howleran.

this is a donation in memory of Murphy (#moniesformurph)

in honor of #moniesformurph.

In honor of dear sweet Murph. Love..

Monies for Murph!


in loving memory of Murphy

Merry Christmas! Love, the Bad Tag family

In loving memory of Ginger and her love she shared with everyone.

Thank you for all you do for these wonderful dogs. Please use where most in need. Happy holidays!

In honor of Frank from his furry buddies Jackson and Franklin.

in honor of: Marlin and Scup.

In memory of FBRN Grad Anja.

In honor of Taco Hall and the Hall family.

Spreading Joy in memory of Stella Grace.

In honor of Nancy and Brooklyn.

In Honor of Kara Burns. Thank you for all that you do for these sweet pups.

In memory of Roxie, Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie on Christmas.

In honor of Melissa Hines and her love for Frenchies!

In honor of Sarah Barry.

Merry Christmas Sara, Remi, Chili, & Nakita (and fish).

This donation is dedicated Rebecca West Rothman and BLUEBERRY (Grad FBRN) from LuBarks Premium Dog Treats (Luna, F. R. O. G. S. alumni)

This donation is given in the memory of Sara DuRoss – she was a lover of all animals and especially her beloved French Bulldogs.

In loving memory of my piggy girls Roxie, Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cookie on Thanksgiving.

This donation is in memory of our beloved little Zippy, who recently crossed the Bridge. Thank you to Joan for all of your help over the years!

In loving memory of our sweet frenchies: Annie Oakley, Ginger Rogers, Rudy, Lucy and Rosie. Forever in our hearts.

Donate on behalf of Alena & MACaroon 🙂

Happy Howlidays from Brady and Family

Happy holidays and God bless!

allergy testing for volunteers dog Tucker.

In memory of Zippy Kaplan.

This donation is in memory of The Colonel. We are so sorry for your loss.

In honor of Louie Schalleur.

In honor of Joan & Jack Corbett. Happy Holidays!

In Honor of Daniel Webster Animal Hospital, for the awesome care they have given our Frenchies!

In honor of Beth . . The world’s best Frenchie foster mom!!!

Donating in honor of our late Porsche (formerly “Portia” adopted Dec 2010) who crossed over the rainbow bridge in March 2019. Also for her big brother Enzo, our first Frenchie who inspired us to rescue her, who passed just 3 months shy of his 15th birthday this June 8, 2020. We’ve known some incredible dogs, but none that have come close to stealing our hearts as these two did. One day we hope to rescue from you again. Happy Holidays, and good riddance to 2020! Here’s to a brighter, healthier and happier 2021! Thank you for all of your hard work, and all that you provide for these wonderful dogs, ESPECIALLY this year.

My name is Meagan Lewis and I adopted Scout (formerly known as Sadie Bugg) on October 2nd 2010. She peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge two weeks ago and I wanted to reach out and thank you. She was a very itchy girl but never complained through the allergist and homeopathic vet plus our regular vet! She would have been 12 on Christmas Eve but was diagnosed in late July with lymphoma. I loved her so and will miss her always. Thank you for bringing these lovable lemons to people like me.

This donation is in memory of Hugo Court, an irascible and handsome one-eyed smooshy boy who was adored by everyone he knew. May he pee all over Heaven just like he peed all over his mama’s house. Love you, old man! Hugo’s mama is Sandra Court, who adopted FBRN grad Eleanor (fka Aquitaine) in 2017. Sadly, Eleanor crossed the Rainbow Bridge just 7 weeks after adoption.

Although Boot was a Boston Terrier (our friends mixed up the breeds) he was a sweet lover of all breeds! Our family had the most amazing 13.5 years with him and he will be forever missed. He loved to snuggle, take long naps in the sunshine, and go on walks. RIP Boot, we will love you always.

In honor of Eleni’s good boy Quinn, from

In honor of Julia & Terek

In honor of Pumpkinpig’s 13th birthday (17 December).

In memory of Graham.

This donation is in honor and memory of Quinn. We will miss your cuddles, cuteness, and spunk every day.

Thank you for all that you do for these amazing dogs. My Georgie is the best decision I have ever made and I hope this small gift can help the babies in your care.

In memory of Petra and Keith Belair’s beloved girl, Tulie. Soar high, sweet one, and enjoy sniffing the breeze, chomping on your squishy ball, and having everlasting cuddles. We love you!

in loving memory of Cookiepig (30 June 2003 – 04 November 2015)

In Memory of Charlie Maisel.


In memory of Tugboat, fur baby of

In loving memory of Olive Gorman.


In loving memory of Oatmealpig on Halloween/her birthday (31 Oct 2001 – 29 May 2012)

Honoring Wally’s Birthday celebration by Guelay!

For Wally’s birthday celebration!

Dear FBRN, we appreciate all you do for our flat-faced love bugs!

In loving memory of Daisy (formerly Falina).

In honor of Midget (“Midge”), fur baby of Megan Cloninger.

In memory of Midget. Forever loved and never forgotten.

In loving member of Ms. Lilly, Julius Edward, and Benny too. All of you are forever in our hearts.

Donation from Frenche Clothing 🙂

In loving memory of Toro. We miss you everyday, baby boy.

In memory of Daisy Scentsy Fundraiser from

Happy Birthday Daisy!

This donation is in honor of Toro Butts the Frenchie

In loving memory of Gladys, FBRN ’18.

In Memory of Edward and Lily, Two French Bulldogs.

In Honor of ” Two French Bulldogs” Lily & Edward Love,

In Memory of Edward and Lily, Two French Bulldogs.

In memory of our late Nikki Goodfellow ( Nikita), for her sister Camille who is now in hospice . We think of you often and are sending all our love and snuggles. We will be forever grateful for FBRN, thankful for all that you do . Love.

Our beloved frenchie Laila just turned 7 years old, and would like to make a donation to FBRN. Thank you for all the great work that you do!!

Happy Birthday to Daffy Daphnepig.

Jon Snow (Aug 2016 – Aug 2020). JS, you will be truly missed and were not only the true king of the north but the king of our hearts.

In memorial for “Boots” in the Artle family.

In honor of Shawn David Terry’s 53rd birthday.

In loving memory of Bruce.

In Honor of my friend Bradley Folds; with his Frenchie, Henry. We all miss him and his great sense of humor.

In honor of Bradley Folds.

In memoriam of Bradley Folds, who make me feel at ease during a very difficult time. His personality & role at “work” made a difference to me.

In loving memory of the brother of a friend, Bradley Folds. In his honor, and love of French Bulldogs, is this donation made. Respectfully,

In honor of Bradley Folds. Much Love,

In the Memory of Bradley Folds.

In memory of Bradley Folds.

In Honor of Bradley Folds by Clicker & Her Family

Our deepest sympathies are with the Folds family during this difficult time. Love Mike Reuschel and the entire ODC Team

On behalf of Bradley Folds – from the Partners and Staff at

In Memory of Bradley Folds

In memory of Bradley Edward Folds, from

In Honor of Bradley Folds. Bradley, we know you are with King Henry, Queen Angel, and Remington da Man.

Welcome to the good life, new FBRN fosters! With hugs and Frenchie kisses, from

Please use this money as General giving to help where needed. It is from our 9 year son, Brayden. He has chosen to give 10% of his allowance to help save Frenchies!

On behalf of Molly Rodrigano!

In loving memory of Nanners Parsons.

In Memory of Ginny “Ginny Boo Boo” who was loved and is dearly missed by her family: Gerry, Melissa, and Eleanor. May her memory live on forever.

In memory of Walnut. He lived the happiest life with his paw-rents, who loved him so much that they enthusiastically served his dinner (it was the only way he would eat it) and gave him all the cuddles. He will be missed. Happy trails.

In loving memory of Snugs, who was my best friend. You will always hold a comforting place in our hearts!

This is in honor of Sharon Miles. I won her beautiful glass photo frame in the auction for a steal. . . and I don’t want to be a thief! Sharon donated both her artwork and the shipping. I just wanted to make sure FBRN got something closer to the true value of her donation.

in honor of Millie, the best loaf.

In honor of Nibbler.

In honor of Zoey.

In memory of Arlo.

In honor of Kathi Luljak.

In memory of Roxiepig on her birthday (17 July 2003 – 16 June 2017)

Happy Birthday to Daisypig (14 July 2013)

In memory of Cookiepig (30 June 03 – 4 Nov 15) on her birthday. Russ TalleyHappy 12 1/2 Birthday to Pumpkin (17 December 07).

In Honor of Tonka Frucheys.

In loving memory of Frankie Petsch Nieto.

In honor of Magz Stanley, best boy.

In loving memory of Hugo, who was the world’s best French Bulldog.

In memory of Dylan (Moore).

In memory of Marshall.

For any of the fur babies who need a extra treat or care. Thank you for all you do.

Donated in Memory of Coco Wilkinson.

On Behalf of Chris and Blaire Giuffrida.

In honor of Frankie

In honor of MAC and Alena. Thank you for all the efforts FBRN put into rescuing Frenchies.

3 Bruno, Lucky, & Jean.

In memory of Raisinpig on her birthday (07 June 2002-06 February 2011).


This donation is in memory of Gizmo Dlugos. from

Donating on my 31st birthday on behalf of my french bulldog Rocky. We hope his extended frenchie relatives are able to find their Furever Families!


In memory of Roxiepig (17 July 03 – 16 June 17).

In memory of Oatmealpig (31 Oct 2001-29 May 2012)


In memory of our sweet Yogi Berra aka Yogibogey, Pigboy, #snoreaga. 6. 16. 10-5. 14. 20

In honor of National Flappy Jowl Day.


I hope this can go to many frenchies in need. From

Bonnie and Clyde, you two were the best friends anyone could ask for. You brought so much joy to my life and I’ll remember you always.

#GivingTuesday In loving memory of my sweet boy Louie.

In loving memory of Whitney Kathleen Ballance, with love,

In loving memory of FBRN ’17 Grad Walfred.

In memory of Whitney Ballance from

For Lola’s visits to vet.

In honor of Nicole Ciccaglione’s photography skills.

Donation as thank you to Nicole Ciccaglione for the memory gifts for 2 of our local groups Frenchie losses.

In honor of Rosie and Ivy! Happy Birthday, Rosie!

In memory of Marcellus Wallace Caudle.

I adopted Neo in the fall of 2018 and he’s been my spoiled baby ever since! Thank you so much for bringing this little meatball into my life!

In memory of Whitney Ballance.

In loving memory of Whitney Kathleen Ballance from

In memory of Whitney Kathleen Ballance from

In Memory of Whitney Kathleen Ballance-From

Kensington Tours donates in honour of Whitney Ballance.

In memory of Alice Rich McGowan.

Thank you for letting us do a promotion with you!!

In honor of Kathy Deeny Kozubal and her mask making abilities!

Donated for Ivy the French Bulldog! May she be determined as ever!

To celebrate the life of Whitney Ballance.

In memory of Whitney Ballance from

This is from Tammy Lee with First Citizens Bank in memory of Whitney Kathleen Ballance who passed away on 4/8/2020.

In honor and memory of Nancy Clark and her pup Brooklyn.

in honor of Nancy Clark and Brooklyn.

Donation by Emergence Capital on behalf of FBRN supporter.

To the Amazing People and Pups of FBRN, you are loved and appreciated!

For Kat and her love of dogs.

Donation from Pooch Patisserie Baking Company’s tip jar

In memory of Dewey Schuster( 2010-2020)

In loving memory of Chris Drinkwater. You will always be in our hearts and minds. Love your

In honor of Alex for her birthday
In honor of Igor, beloved pet of Chris and Dave and part of our family.
In honor of Norman and Lisa Poggiali on her birthday. Happy Birthday.
Wherever needed most for medical care for the all the beautiful frenchie puppers! 🙂
In memory of Baxter.
In honour of Saul Israel for his 5th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Zachery, I look forward to so many more years of helping and loving the bulldogs with you!!

From a Frenchie mom, hoping these Frenchie fosters find their forever homes.

On days that I am really missing my Boston Bowser and our Frenchie Dottie I like to make a donate to a rescue in their honor. In memorial of the best doggos ever.

In Memory of Tugboat.

In memory of Bogart, a beloved member of the Hodgson family

In honor of my our gram, Connie Cole, whom loved animals and adoption centers for animals in need. Happy Birthday Gram.

In memory of our sweet Harley.

For Nino’s birthday.

In memory of my best friend, Fenway.

Help with medical bills.

Squishy Faces

In support of Lisa McDowell.

In memory of Raisinpig. I told Raisinpig (7 June 02 – 6 Feb 11) I would miss her and think of her every day for the rest of my life. It’s been 9 yrs and so far I have kept my word.

For Kelsey…

For Kelsey…

In memory of Lola.

In Memory of Banks Pierce.

In honor of my Frenchie Izzie who passed this week.

We would like to honor Enzo Annibale, an amazing French Bulldog who just passed, three months shy of his 15th birthday. He was not a rescue, but came from a breeder who took very good care of him. After several years with his adopted family, they together adopted Porsche (Portia) from FBRN. She became his partner for about 9 years before she passed. Enzo was a very loving, silly, and fearless Frenchie who will be very missed. He is now together with Porsche and other friends and can rest peacefully. This donation is in honor of Enzo, because he would want other Frenchies and pups alike to have a great, long life like he did.

We started a project of making masks for people and also wanted to support Frenchies in need. Many of the proceeded have been donated to Frenchie Rescue. Other enthusiasts have joined in to make the donation more significant . Thank you for helping Frenchies in need.

In loving memory of sweet Rosie (FBRN’s 2014 Grad Miriam Rose) who loved napping in the sun and snacking on chicken and cheese. We were very lucky she lived 6 of her 12.5 years with us and made our lives all the more richer. She was a sensitive, quiet gal who enjoyed lounging with her siblings, Rudy and Lucy but in later years thrived as an only pup. We will always love and miss her.

This donation is in honor of Bronco. We will miss all you chirps, grunts, snorts, kisses and hugs. You were such a good boy! Thank you for all the love you showed us. We love you, The Mommy & Daddy This donation is in honor of Bronco. We will miss all you chirps, grunts, snorts, kisses and hugs. You were such a good boy! Thank you for all the love you showed us. We love you.