2021 In Honor of and General Donations

October 2021

In honor of Jeffrey and Charlotte Kerwin’s wedding

Donation being made in honor of NiuNiu and Nicole!

New England French Bulldog Meetup Apple Picking Fundraiser

Donation towards Nationals.

This donation is in memory of a kind hearted soul, Daniel R. Boyd. May his kindness PAY IT FORWARD!

In loving memory of Pipa

New England French bull dog apple picking!

New England Frenchie apple picking

From the New England Frenchie Meet-up Group’s apple picking event!

To Rubble love from Bauble now Blu


September 2021

In loving memory of our precious angel, Peanut


“In Memory of Brooklyn & Pax”

Recurring Monthly Donation to FBRN


I will always have a special place in my heart for Daniel Boyd.

For Silas..

This donation is in remembrance of George, a well loved frenchie with a heart of gold

In loving memory of Beatrice (Bea) and all of the love she gave to the Martin family, and ours!

From my BatmanLottery that celibrate our Angel Batman’s life/15th Birthday Elaine in Sweden IG: Elainebjd_Fab5

In Loving Memory of Frasier Redford, a very good boy

Thank you for all that you do! We hope this helps a little.



January to August

In memory of Fran Holmbraker

Donation for garden containers Nicole C . made for me!

We told our dad to help out our fellow frenchies in need! Love

In memory of beautiful Mushka Camputo.

In memory of Chico 8/26/07-1/24/21.

In honor of Lisa and Norman.

In loving memory of Margo.

In loving memory of my mini-me, Evelyn, who now lives in my heart.

In memory of Lucy, forever in my heart.

In honor of FBRN Grad Lita/Zoe. We miss your spark, soft belly, and commands to play.

in memory of Bette.

In memorial of Baron, our sweetest boy.

In memory of our beloved Dewey.

Gift made in loving memory of Louie.

In memory of Francine who would have been 14 years old today.

In loving memory of Henry, best friend of Emmett (FBRN 2013).

For marino. In memory of Bodhi.

In memory of Baron.

This is in honor of Joan and Jack Corbett and in memory of Tallulah.

In memory of Tupelo.

In Honor of Jerry, 2010-2021. With Love.

In honor of Bonjournino aka Neens Birthday.

In Honor of Franklin from the Moon Pieds.

In celebration of Suki’s 5th Birthday.

In honor of Josh Powell, and in memory of Brenda Jo Newcomer.

In loving memory of Raisinpig Talley (7 June 2003 – 6 February 2011). Ten years ago I told her that I would miss her every day for the rest of my life and I’ve kept my promise. I’m happy to have her 13 yr old granddaughter next to me as I write this.

Layla is gone but never forgotten. Love

In Loving Memory of Winnie.

You all are amazing! I know it’s not much and I wish house was large enough to extend to help foster but I hope it helps a little towards the care of your pups.

In loving memory of our sweet Frenchie boy Patek (Poopslee) – we love and miss you very, very much xoxo

Paying forward the kindness of Doug Allan.

In recognition of Megan Bloomer.

In memory of Panda.

In Honor of ALENA. May ALL the Frenchies found their furever home.

This donation is in the name of Griffin, a Frenchie who crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday. His owner is a friend.

In Memory of Fannie Belle who passed away on January 2nd 2021 at 12. 5 years. Sending love to a rescue!

In honor of Baron!

Ira and his new Mom, Mary, paying it forward just a wee bit.

Chichi’s 5K fundraiser for FBRN on Johns Island.

Hiro & Hennessy piggy banks.

This donation is in honor of Abbie’s 22nd birthday.

For Yana.

In memory of French bulldog Pierre Bickley.

In loving memory of Dolly.

In loving memory of Lucy, our Angel Frenchie. And in honor of Sassafras (‘20 grad) and FBRN, you have helped to heal our hearts. FBRN volunteers are angels on Earth.

In memory of Alexander DiMisa.

In memory of our darling Spike AKA Santino who we lost almost three years ago to the day. He was 13 years old and he passed here at our home, five years after we adopted him. Thank you FBRN!

In memory of Baron, beloved pet of Dan Miller and Jessi Larson.

In Honor of Kayla Mae.

In memory of our little nugget, Oliver. We miss you every single day.

In memory of Stella.

For Kristin – In loving memory of Sully, the most handsome boy who will be forever in our hearts.

In honor of Little Jesse the Frenchie’s first birthday. May he live a long and wonderful life by your side.

This donation is in honor or Tiffany Mcquirk. Happy Birthday!

In celebration of national floppy jowl day.

In loving memory of Cookiepig on her birthday (30 June 2003 – 4 November 2015).

This is in loving memory of Henri, our #1, and in honor of his mother, the best dog mom ever. Henri left us this weekend, just short of mother’s day. His poor frenchie body just couldn’t continue. Henri wasn’t an FBRN grad, but he was the best big brother to many FBRN fosters and he is the one that brought us to bullies. You are THE BEST! We love you buddy, Mom & Dad.

In loving memory of our precious Peanut, the sweetest little angel we could have ever asked for, we wanted to help other frenchies find loving, caring homes to live full, healthy and happy lives. Thank you FBRN for all of the incredible work you do. in Wellness Systems LLC

Please accept our donation in memory of the most handsome Caesar, adopted from FBRN, forever loved and adored by Julie Haines and family. Thanks for all you do!

In Honor of our sweetest and handsome boy, Francois, whom we adopted through the network. He passed at the age of 12 6/29/2021. We live you “FOI FOI” as your babies called you. You made our lives so much richer.

In Honor of Justice’s birthday!

In loving memory of Poundcake Freeman.

Donating in honor of the life of Stitch Everitt.

In loving memory of Roxiepig (17 August 2003-16 July 2017).

In memory of our sweet boy, Baron.

In memory of our beloved frenchie, Ozzy, who unexpectedly passed away on Monday.

In loving memory of Hank- You are forever in our hearts.

In loving memory of Raisin Talley on her birthday (7 June 2002 – 6 February 2011).

In loving memory of Oatmeal Talley (31 October 2001 – 29 May 2012).

Dope Dog’s donation from the Instagram Event last weekend!

We would like to donate in memory Pepe the Frenchie, of the Greer family.

This donation is in honor of Jessica Smith’s French bulldog, Peanut.

In honor of our beloved Theo. You all saved our boy and helped him find his forever humans. We hope this will help others do the same to live out the best chapters of their lives, just like our boy was able to.

This donation is in memory of Poppy (the great) our wonderful frenchie who recently passed. He lived to be 15 years and 3 months old. He was a once in a lifetime dog who we dearly loved.

Thank you for ResQWalking with Best Friends Animal Society. We are as grateful as ever for your participation in the ResQwalk community.

This honors Buckley Chase Duncan. He passed yesterday (7/27/21) after having bravely recovered from a delamination procedure in 2018 (8) and succumbed to relentless seizure activity. He was awesome! Hopefully this helps another dog live longer.