2023 In Honor of and General Donations

January 2023

In honor of My Name is Lentil

In memory of Roxie, Oatmeal, Raisin, Cookie, Pumpkin and Daphne on Christmas.

For French Bulldog Rescue Network.

In memory of Peter and Christina Bergmann

For Pippa

French Bulldog Rescue Network

In memory of  for Rufus, Chester and Bubba

In loving memory of Poboy

French Bulldog Rescue Network.

Birthday present for Ashlie (Tubb) Bauer, owner of Hugo the Frenchie!

In memory of Betty Chisholm Rouse

French Bulldog Rescue Network

In memory of Jack Swaz

Coming from the team at CTI – Corporate Tax Incentives!

For Dexter



For Dexter ❤️

This donation is in memory of Ava, a good girl!

February 2023


In Memory of Carl.