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In Memory of Goku

MEMORIALGoku001_1024x768.jpgIn October of 2008 my family was blessed with the request to foster Goku, an 8 year old pied female. She was a misunderstood soul that had aggression issues but was truly an amazing dog and companion. It took about a month for Goku to settle in with my family but once she did her true self was revealed. Goku loved to go on walks and car rides and made sure to be first in line when it was breakfast or dinner time. She was always by my side. Goku was a wonderful companion that is truly missed each day.

MEMORIALGoku002_768x1024.jpgIt was on May 18, 2013 she was returned to God to wait for me on the Rainbow Bridge. Where I know she is and free from pain. It was only three short days that ended Goku’s life with us due to kidney failure. I miss her terribly and wish she was still her today. I am thankful for FBRN for allowing her that second chance with us so she could live out her life and be loved each day.