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In Memory of Nan


Nan the Ham, 10.30.07 - 5.16.19

Known for her sass, her glare, her voluptuous neck rolls, her disdain for things that did not please her. Lover of baby dragons and leetle squirrels, pink fashion, bacons, steaks, jello slugs, vitamin P, air conditioning, and comfortable lounging. Tolerator of Clyde Dogs. Loather of virtually all humans, other animals, racket, exercise, and becoming an old lady. Constantly not impressed by your shenanigans. Always judging you. 

She was 11 years, 6 months, 2 weeks, and a few days. I was the luckiest to have her in my life for just over 8.5 years. I will be forever grateful to have been Nan’s strong protector, her humble servant, her biggest fan, and her loving mom. She taught me so much and gave my life a very special kind of purpose. I hope this loyal little beast had even the faintest comprehension of how much she was loved, adored, and appreciated. She will always be MY BEST GIRL. — Letitia